About Us

“My head is full of ideas. We’re gonna need a bigger place.” 

Some ideas simply won’t let go of you. They sneak up on you, they poke at you, they kick you and sometimes they even yell at you: “Do it!”

Soon it became very clear to me: these ideas aren’t going away. And another thing became clear: these ideas were a matter for the boss. We needed a master of the trade. Me. 

I went back to school and in the summer of 2002 I was awarded the title of master stylist. 

It started to get too crowded for all the ideas since they had not gotten any fewer and they started to protest fiercely: they needed a good home!

We – my colleagues and I – found this home a couple of years ago in Bielefeld’s “Neuem Bahnhofsviertel” and we unleashed these little “idea rascals”. Soon they succeeded in making a home for themselves in the bright rooms with the high ceilings and brought many new and curious people with them – a success that would not have been possible without the help and support of good friends and loyal customers.

And so we hope that at drumhairum everything will continue to be about you and your hair for a long, long time to come!